Modify your body and express your individuality with body piercing and jewelry from our shop in Waynesboro, VA. Extreme Expressions provides you with a safe environment where we use the most hygienic tools available. We pierce anywhere on the body for people from three months and up. We also do dermal anchors and have a variety of jewelry for you to choose from. No piercing is too extreme for us.

All tools are cleaned by using a three-step disinfection process, ending in autoclave sterilization. Once the needles are used we dispose of them properly after one use.
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After Care

At Extreme Expressions, your piercing is performed under sterile conditions. We use quality instruments in order to ensure infection free results. We recommend you clean all piercings twice daily, and avoid over-cleaning. Use a warm salt water or saline solution with a cotton ball to apply to piercing and let it set for 5 to 10 minutes. Be patient with the healing process of your piercing, some take longer to heal than others. Aggressive cleaning and over-cleaning your piercing can prolong the time it takes to heal. The most common cause of infection is repeatedly touching a piercing with unclean hands. Signs of an infection include; Prolonged Pain, Shift of Piercing, Excessive Discharge, Severe Discoloration, and/or Swelling. If you think your piercing might be infected please feel free to give us a call at 540-942-9128.
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  • Thoroughly cleanse hands before touching jewelry or piercing.
  • Start by lathering up soap in your hands and applying to the area around the piercing and jewelry.
  • Rinse, lather soap and apply to jewelry making sure to move the jewelry through the piercing and work the soap through the piercing. It is essential that the jewelry is moved through the piercing when cleaning for thorough cleaning of whole piercing.

For nostril piercing pull the nostril screw out enough to allow the cleaning of the straight part of the jewelry piece leaving the curved part in the piercing. If you have problems moving your jewelry when cleaning, apply a warm compress to the piercing to loosen any dried matter that has formed on or around the jewelry.

Keep hair spray, suntan lotions, cosmetics and other preparations away from the piercing.
Never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or Neosporin to clean the piercing.

Swelling is normal for most Piercings, but should only be minimal and the same holds true for any redness around the piercing. Any more should be brought to the attention of your piercer and evaluated for other possible causes. Your piercer should be experienced enough to tell if there is any other problem and what to do to correct it.

Persistent redness or swelling could be an indication that your body is not tolerant of the jewelry (foreign object). This is also an indication that a rejection has started. For jewelry intolerance, niobium or titanium would be a good metal to try. A new material, bioplast, is promoted to actually help speed the healing of piercings. In any case, it would be wise to stop by for your piercer to take a look and what actions to take next.

If you think you might have an infection stop by to see your piercer, Neil. His 20 years of experience will answer all your piercing questions and concerns. Please contact him at 540-942-9128.

Oral Piercing Aftercare

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Swelling can be reduced if you take preventative measures a day before you decide to get a piercing. Extreme Expressions recommends taking ibuprofen, as directed on the label. You can continue using it for a few days after the piercing. Avoid taking aspirin during the healing process.

Smoking, drinking through a straw or spitting should be avoided. The suction required to perform these tasks can cause the piercings to bleed. If bleeding occurs use ice to stop and avoid spitting.

After 24 hours have passed rinse with mouthwash a few times a day. If mouthwash is too strong, dilute with water to lessen its bite. Continue to rinse daily until the piercing has healed. You can also use a warm salt water solution for the healing process. Use twice daily to rinse the piercing during the first week or two after piercing.

Labret or lip piercings may be cleaned on the outside with soap and lukewarm water. If you prefer you can use mouthwash to clean the piercing. Never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or Neosporin to clean the piercing.

If you experience any problem or have any questions, please refer them to your Extreme Expressions piercer, Neil. He is a professional and will answer your questions and offer advice to put you on the path to a healthy piercing. For any other questions or concerns please call us at 540-942-9128.

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